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  Start an Alta Vista search!!!! _____ (Babel Fish Translation)

Education / Science
  Department of Education 
  Try Science.Org

African Studies: 
  African Studies at Univ. of Pittsburgh 
  University of Texas at Austin's Center for African & African American Studies

Online Services: 
  Black Web Portal (KemNet Technologies)

Online Publications: 
  Austin Business Journal
  Austin Chronicle
  Black Enterprise online magazine 
  EUR - Electronic Urban Report 
  USA Today
  VIBE online magazine 
  Yahoo list of Newspapers

News Options 
  Tavis Smiley Talks

HTML/Web how-to locations 
  HTML Goodies
spacer   HTML Code Tutorial
  Linux facts
  What is Java Scripting | Java Script Tutorials

Health Issues 
Bone Marrow 
Sickle Cell Anemia
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
abstract American Cancer Society's Relay for Life

Comic Books 
  Marvel Comics 
  D.C. Comics 
  Dark Horse Comics

Other things to be seen:
Al Roker's site




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